Review: Four Flies on Grey Velvet

Dir. Dario Argento

Cast: Michael Brandon, Mimsy Farmer, Bud Spencer, Daria Nicolodi

Roberto Tobias (Michael Brandon) is a drummer in a rock band who has noticed a man following him for the last several days. Angered by this, he confronts the stranger in an abandoned theater to find out what he wants. The man claims he does not know what Roberto is talking about, and pulls a switchblade. The two struggle, and Roberto accidentally stabs the man, who falls into an orchestra pit, lifeless.

Review: The Big Empty

Dir. Steve Anderson 

Cast: Jon Favreau, Joey Lauren Adams, Kelsey Grammer, Sean Bean, Daryl Hannah, Rachael Leigh Cook

JOHN PERSON (Jon Favreau) is a 30-something struggling actor living alone and facing eviction from his unfurnished apartment in Hollywood. Behind on his rent and heavily in debt, he goes against the better judgment of his pretty neighbor GRACE (Joey Lauren Adams) and accepts an unsolicited offer from his strange neighbor NEELY (Bud Cort) to courier a blue suitcase up to the desert truck stop of Baker, California.